The Accommodations I Received In College With Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, And ADHD.

I always like to first mention that everyones college experience is different and all universities are different! So the help I received might be different from the help another student received at a different college πŸ™‚

  1. No penalty for spelling or grammatical errors

This was a big one for me just because I am profoundly dysgraphic, however, I always ran all my work through grammerly (A proof reading app) to check to make sure I had correct punctuation and spelling. I ALWAYS turned in my work as if I didn’t have this accommodation because lets face it when I am in the real work world and I am typing an email to my future boss I want to look professional and a quick way to not look professional is sending an email with a bunch of errors dysgraphic or not. Of course there were times when I wouldnt catch a spelling error and thats when this accommodation was needed.

2. Extended time on long written assignments

I never once in college used this accommodation. I actually told them to take it off my list. When I was growing up I was taught a deadline is a deadline unless I am dying my work better be on time. In college you know when big writing assignments are due so in my opinion there is no excuse for it to be late. Yes Its frustrating that a ten page paper will take me 10x as long to write than it would for someone else but thats the hand I have been dealt so I gotta pull up the big girl pants and mange my time to get it done ON TIME because in the working world late work doesn’t fly with your supervisor.

3. Extended time on exams/different location for exams

I ABSOLUTELY used this accommodation. I would even say this accommodation was my best friend. My ADHD goes nuts in exams so it is very helpful to be in a private setting when taking a test. Also the extended time was crucial for me especially if there was a writing portion of the exam. PLEASE UTILIZE this. For the kiddos who are self conscious leaving the room to take a test, in college you go straight to the exam room you do not even go to class AND no body cares in college you do you :).

4. Preferred seating

Yes believe it or not some teachers had seating charts in college and if i was placed in the back then I might as well not even come to class because while the teacher is talking I will be off in lala land looking at all the backpacks, computer screens, backs of heads, and anything else I can look at. Therefore, it is crucial I have a front row seat so I can actually pay attention to the teacher. Now thankfully NOBODY wants front row seats in class so if it wasn’t assigned seating I always was able to go right to the front with no issue πŸ™‚

5. Printed notes from teacher

Okay so this was technically written into my accommodations butttttt that does not mean you cant ask for notes. I had a few classes that the teacher just went to fast for me to be able to write them down and they were not available on line to look at (a lot of teachers post notes online incase you need them). So I would explain to the teachers how I have a written expression disability and they ALWAYS gave me the notes and offered any other help they could.


  1. Most teachers WANT TO HELP YOU. So never be afraid to go up to them after class and explain to them any difficulties you might be having. Also if they are aware of your learning needs they might even have some suggestions for you to try.
  2. College is supposed to prepare you for the working world! In the working world you aren’t going to have accommodations. Your boss is GOING to care if you dont meet your deadlines or if you are in lala land during a meeting. This is why its important to not abuse your accommodations. my biggest piece of advice is to act like they aren’t there and then when you REALLY need them you have them.
  3. Kids in college DO NOT CARE if you test somewhere else or need extra help in math at the end of class. Its much different than high school and nobody cares about your business which is very refreshing for a kiddo with special learning needs :).

I hope this brings someone comfort πŸ™‚


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